Dott, Tier and Lime win London tender for e-scooter trial


Initially wary of shared e-scooters, London City Hall has carefully selected three operators who committed to operating efficient, sustainable and orderly services. The names of the three winners have finally been announced: Dott, Tier and Lime were chosen to operate 6600 e-scooters from June 7th. This first trial will last for one-year.

The challenge of parking: our work with Momentum Transport Consultancy for Dott UK

Parking management was a key challenge for bidding operators, who needed to demonstrate that they would be able to offer e-scooters without sidewalk clutter and chaotic parking. 6t partnered up with London-based consultancy Momentum to accompany Dott on this topic. Dott commissioned us to reflect on the Parisian experience, and apply key takeaways to the context of London. To do so, we leveraged the expertise we developed from previous micromobility user surveys and policy analyses. This work allowed us to make recommendations for sound e-scooter management in London.

Key findings were the following: in Paris, City Hall provided an extremely dense networks of e-scooter parking stations: on average, e-scooter parking areas in Paris are only separated by 100 meters, that is, a 1-min walk. In Spring of 2019, before this network was offered, we measured that parking compliance (trips ending in a dedicated parking zone) was of 65%. Dott’s data suggests that this compliance rate had gone up to 97% by the summer of 2020. This shows that good practice promotion on the part of e-scooter operators, associated with appropriate planning, can lead to efficient micromobility without negative externalities. We therefore recommended active collaboration between operators and local authorities.

We look forward to seeing how e-scooters will integrate with the existing transportation network, improve accessibility and, hopefully, prompt a reduction in car trips. Our study for Dott also suggests that the potential to induce a shift from the private car to micromobility-based intermodal trips was important in London.

The 6t/Momentum research report can be viewed here

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