Mobility Behaviour

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Analyse and facilitate behaviour change by observing the strategies already applied in other areas, disparities in mobility, and the balance between the supply and demand of mobility.

Analyse and use results from the ENTD [national transport and travel survey], the EGT [global transport survey], the EMD [household travel survey] and the EDVM [midsize towns travel survey] in order to guide public institutions in their decision-making regarding mobility and lifestyles.

Urban configurations, mobility potential and social inequalities: four case studies in Switzerland and France. (Contribution to Grenoble and Clermont land analysis)
How does ownership of commuting times influence the modal choice?
2005 – 2015 Urban travel plan : Mid-term assessment and report
Evaluation of the Nantes Métropole Urban Development Project
Communication, information, training: what are the forms of impact on mobility behavior ? Between environmental awareness and innovative practices
Pictures, usage and quality of service : what is the potential for modal shifts in French cities ? Analysis of 19 Household Travel Surveys
An analysis of behaviours and perceptions in connection with car sharing in Paris
Analysis of the uses and users of electric vehicles
Evaluation of mobility in urban renewal projects
Analysis and optimisation of the Paris area interchange hubs

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