Public policies

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Analyse and evaluate public policies that have a spatial impact.

Provide joint strategies that cover both urban planning and transport.

Pictures, usage and quality of service : what is the potential for modal shifts in French cities ? Analysis of 19 Household Travel Surveys
How to develop the use of bicycles in dense suburbs
Implementation and evaluation of a public debate procedure system for the social acceptance of a sustainable travel policy – Applying to the Nice Côte d’Azur Urban Community
Evaluation of mobility in urban renewal projects
Transport and mobility expertise for the PADD of the SCOTT of Marseille Provence Metropole
Transfering a model? Urban planning trajectories and transport policies in Switzerland and France
Analysis and optimisation of the Paris area interchange hubs
Study on the analysis of modal behaviours and parking practices in Lyon
Analysis of Overall Transport Surveys- Developing alternative transport to the car: Action briefs from the EGT 1991 and 2001 analyses

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