Shared mobility and alternative transport modes

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Shared mobility and alternative transport modes // See all

Explore shared mobility to measure changes in behaviour, and identify new trends.

Understand the new transport modes to ensure their integration into existing services.

A study on the opportunities and feasibility of a demand-based transport system across Nozay, Villejust, Marcoussis, Monthléry and Longpont sur Orge, in Essonne
Research on the connection between population density and overall mobility in Ile-de-France
Ile de France Urban Development Project Environmental Assessment
Developing a carpooling infrastructure. The opportunity and specifications for a functional and spatial structure for experiment purposes, in Essonne.
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the self-service bicycle ?
Analysis of uses and users of electrical charging points in collective spaces
How to develop the use of bicycles in dense suburbs
An analysis of behaviours and perceptions in connection with car sharing in Paris
Analysis of the uses and users of electric vehicles

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