Urban planning

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Support public and private organisations in defining their own political orientations and developing strategic choices for urban planning and spatial development.

Provide a technical, economic and financial assessment of new forms of mobility in order to offer new services.

Studies on all travel modes in the multi-center structure of the urban area
Assistance and technical expertise in the field of travel and mobility
Study on accessibility and travel arrangements within the North-East quarter of the Rennes urban area (Eco-cité project)
The future of mobility systems in urban areas of less than one million inhabitants
Pedestrian safety in a public ​​transport area: a matter of re-modelling and setting
Developing a carpooling infrastructure. The opportunity and specifications for a functional and spatial structure for experiment purposes, in Essonne.
Evaluation of mobility in urban renewal projects
Analysis and optimisation of the Paris area interchange hubs
Analysis of Overall Transport Surveys- Developing alternative transport to the car: Action briefs from the EGT 1991 and 2001 analyses

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