Urban Renewal projects: an outdated image of mobility?

Why should mobility put itself at the service of ANRU projects?

ANRU (the National Urban Renewal Agency) was thought up as a one-stop shop to issue cheques to collectivities to carry out urban works and transformations. Over time, ANRU made collectivities enhance their projects and focus on various issues- in particular, that of mobility. In this context, the ANRU Evaluation and Monitoring Committee (EMC) decided to draw up a a mobility charter aimes at ensuring a connection between urban renovation projects and social projects.

In 2006, 6t was mandated by the EMC to carry out research on mobility issues in social housing areas on urban peripheries. Several issues are highlighted: entrenchment, accessibility or apprehension of bicycle usage by inhabitants.

Objective of the study

The aim was to analyse the first ANRU conventions from the point of view of mobility, by:

1 / drawing up a general overviews based on the analysis of ANRU conventions;

2 / developing an analytical framework on mobility for ANRU projects to be used by collectivities, in order for them to refer to mobility problems in their conventions in a way that is convincing and suited to their surroundings.

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Summary of the study (in French)

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