Alina Bekka

Alina Bekka

Project manager

Political sociologist specialized in urban studies, she holds a research M.A. degree from the Urban School at Sciences Po Paris. Her international background, her academic endeavors, as well as her professional experiences brought her to France, Germany, the United States and Mexico. In and between those places, she acquired critical field adaptation skills, in addition to a polyvalent toolkit of quantitative and qualitative research methods. This enables her to tackle mobility issues and to analyze the social practices of urban dwellers in a comparative manner.

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Main references by Alina Bekka


The Impacts of Uber on Car Use in the Greater Paris Region


Are autonomous vehicles the future of demand-responsive transit (DRT) ?


Le réseau NOÉ : les autoroutes, leviers au service de la multimodalité et de l’intermodalité.


Online consumption and mobility practices: crossing views from Paris and NYC

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