Léa Wester

Project manager

A project manager at 6t since 2019, Léa Wester has a PhD in geography (Aix Marseille University). Through her research work and several professional experiences abroad, she has developed solid skills in the analysis of mobility and of the social and territorial systems it is associated with. Since her arrival at 6t, Léa has been assisting clients in the public and private sphere in defining the most appropriate methods to meet their needs. She has led projects on multiple themes, in particular on telecommuting, tourist mobility, and technological innovations (MaaS, autonomous vehicle...). To best respond to the issues raised, she mobilizes both qualitative and quantitative survey methods and research approaches based on a variety of information sources (technical and scientific literature review, stakeholder interviews, benchmarks, etc.).

Contact : lea.wester@6-t.co

Main references by Léa Wester


Etude sur l’impact du télétravail sur la mobilité et les modes de vie


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