Sébastien Munafò

General Manager Switzerland

A geographer (Master from University of Neuchatel and Phd at EPFL), he’s a specialist in mobility, transportation and urban planning. Previously, he worked at the Observatoire Universitaire de la Mobilité at the University of Geneva (OUM), where he conducted many studies on these issues in Switzerland. In 2011, he joined the Urban Sociology Laboratory at EPFL, where he achieved his PhD thesis on the relationship between urban forms and leisure mobility. Based on quantitative (large surveys, statistical processing), spatial (GIS) and qualitative (interviews, focus groups) methods, his research focuses on the understanding of mobility behaviors, lifestyles, modal choice and their close relationships with spatial and economic dynamics. Sebastien Munafò has been General Manager of 6t's Swiss branch office located in Geneva since 2016

Contact : sebastien.munafo@6-t.co

Main references by Sébastien Munafò


Consommations énergétiques et émissions de polluants relatives à la mobilité annuelle des Vaudois


Espace lémanique : enjeux des flux transfrontaliers et des pratiques de mobilité


Urban form and leisure mobilities: testing the “barbecue effect” hypothesis


Télétravail et mobilité en Suisse romande : Quels impacts aujourd’hui et quels potentiels demain ?


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