How does Autolib’ users’ mobility behavior evolve overtime ? [Panel 6t]

With 69 010 active subscribers, 2 832 cars and 875 stations in Paris-region, Autolib’ has provided carsharing with considerable media exposure in France, in spite of being operational since only 3 years.

One year after conducting the first independent survey on one-way carsharing, 6t has undertaken a follow-up survey with the same respondents in order to analyze the evolution of Autolib’ users’ mobility behavior over the past year. 

Why set up a user panel ?

It can take some time for carsharing to induce its users to change their mobility behavior. Changes happen as users gain experience with their carsharing service. The aim of 6t’s user panel is to measure long-term behavior evolution and to identify drivers of change by following the same users over time.

Key results

Over time, Autolib’ users:

  • maintain a less frequent use of private cars;
  • rediscover alternative means of transportation to the car they had largely given up after signing to Autolib’

Nevertheless, Autolib’ carsharing service seems to restore the desire to use private cars for users who still had one. Indeed, they report a higher frequency of car use than before signing up for Autolib’.

Thus, Autolib’ is no sufficient by itself to change mobility behavior. Along with an alternative to car ownership, the development of a more restrictive policy regarding car use is necessary.

A project sheet is available

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