[Survey] What kind of public transport user are you?

After suggesting a typology of the various usages of modes of transport within the Bordeaux urban area, urban planning agency Bordeaux Métropole Aquitaine (a-urba) called on 6t research to draw up a very brief quiz allowing residents of Bordeaux to find out the type of modes of transport users they belonged to, and what their their predispositions were towards the use of modes of transport other than car travel.

>> Methodology

This quiz was drawn up following the analysis commissioned by the a-urba from 6t research. Using data drawn from a survey on household travel conducted in 2009 across the territory of the Bordeaux urban area, and relating the representations attached to modes of transport with how frequently they were used, it was possible to draw up a typology of users. From the “stalwart exclusive motorist” to the “user ingrained in proximity” via the “time comparer”, everyone is able to identify their profile.

This approach, which had already been tried and tested across a large number of cities in France and abroad, enables a better understanding of what determines the choices belying everyday travel practices. It then becomes possible to suggest new avenues to better orient public policy in its objective of achieving a modal transfer towards means of transport other than car travel.

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