The premier battery technology forum for electric vehicle manufacturers

From 19/10/2021 to 20/10/2021

Le Méridien Stuttgart, Germany

Welcome to the BATTERY TECH 2021 European Exhibition and Conference, where innovators in electric vehicle battery technology will meet with leading automotive manufacturers in Stuttgart, Germany, to explore new battery technologies and battery management systems at use in new generation electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

The global fleet of electric vehicles has grown to over 5 million units in 2020. In just over a decade there will be enough electric cars on the roads for every person in Germany, as the number of owners of electric vehicles is expected to reach 100 million units by 2030. Europe and China posted the highest electric vehicle growth rates in 2020, with electric vehicle sales more than doubling from the previous year.

Driven by policies that encourage drivers to buy clean cars, electric vehicle adoption is still largely driven by the political environment, as the top 10 countries in electric vehicle markets all have a range of policies to promote electric cars with Europe and China being the biggest takers. For China, credits and subsidies will help electric vehicles grow to represent more than a quarter of the automotive market by 2030. Meanwhile, tightening emissions standards and increasing fuel taxes in Europe will further stimulate electric vehicles.

The development of battery technologies and battery management systems draws on the latest advances in research and design, manufacturing process and technical know-how to develop robust and reliable electrical components to support the next generation of electric vehicles. As overall battery costs decline, government policy remains key to making electric and hybrid electric vehicles attractive to drivers, encouraging investment, and helping automakers achieve economies of scale.

This year’s BATTERY TECH 2021 is poised to become the world’s leading exhibition and conference exclusively for battery technology innovators and manufacturers, to meet and collaborate with a wide range of automakers, and to explore new methods. and technical know-how to meet the specific challenges associated with extending the battery life of new generation electric vehicles.

The main topics on this year’s agenda include:

Electric Vehicle Economic Outlook and Industry Forecast
Explore new battery technologies and battery management systems
Latest research on extending battery life for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles
New manufacturing processes and technical know-how to achieve economies of scale
Upcoming regulations and safety standards for the electric vehicle market
End-user and manufacturer case studies and adaptation to Industry 4.0

This exhibition and conference will provide a forum for all stakeholders in the electric vehicle battery supply chain; suppliers and service providers to automotive OEMs, to network and establish inter-market relationships and to discuss the real challenges and opportunities of extending range and battery life for meet the needs of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

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