Uses and users of free-floating e-scooters in France


Back in fashion since the 1990s, scooters have undergone numerous technological evolutions, as exemplified by the development of electric vehicles. Meanwhile, as new shared-mobility services have emerged in France, people’s travel patterns have diversified. Today, electric scooters are used extensively in their shared form.

First introduced in the United States, these self-service, free-floating rental services have been increasing in France since the arrival of the first operators in Paris in the summer of 2018. As of early June 2019, the French capital was hosting 12 free-floating e-scooter services. Providers also rolled out scooters in other French cities.

Issues at stake

The rapid and massive spread of free-floating electric scooter services raises a wide range of issues, including the sharing of streets and occupation of public space, as well as the need to take this new mode of transportation into account and to regulate its deployment and use.

This study conducted by the research office 6t in April 2019, is based on a survey of free-floating electric scooter users, and aims at:

  • Identifying the profile of free-floating e-scooter users;
  • Describing the uses of e-scooters;
  • Understanding the determinants and obstacles to the use of this new mode of transportation;
  • Analyzing the impacts of shared e-scooters on mobility practices.

To download our executive summary in English and the full report (in French), click here.



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