Between lived experience and the image of the urban work sites: what are the solutions to promote their social acceptance?

In issue 913 (July-August 2013), the Revue Générale des Routes et de l’Aménagement published a report dedicated to the “FURET” research project by the National Agency for Research. This report, selected by the ANR by virtue of its “Sustainable towns” agenda, suggested in-depth work on the question of reducing annoyance and nuisance caused by building sites.

In order to identify the conditions of site acceptability, one of the tasks entrusted to 6t research by the Lille Urban Community was to achieve a typology of annoyances and of the perception of building sites based on fields of enquiry. The study was built around the following questions: how are building sites experienced by local residents? What perceptions do they have of them? The point of this study was to draw up a qualitative assessment of annoyances, to identify what pertains to experience and to the perceptions of building sites by local residents, in other words, to assess the question of social acceptability as concerns urban building sites.

While there is a general tendency to put oneself in the user’s place, one too often forgets to question the user to understand their expectations.

That is the purpose of this research: to focus on the user before working for the user.

For more information on the results of this study (in French): here is the link to the RGRA file


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