Mobility practices among inhabitants of Atlantic regions

Within a research project undertaken for EIGIS at la Rochelle, a general engineering school, 6t research has worked on mobility practices outside major cities in the regions of the Atlantic Arc (Ireland, Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal). The results are taken from a survey carried out with over 2000 residents in these regions.

By making use of its comprehension methods surrounding mobility practices, 6t has brought to light some major differences between countries, as regards major use of cars in spaces which are not densely populated.  Cars, perceive by users as “comfortable” and “practical”, are owned and used more in France than in Great Britain. These trends can, in particular, be explained by more extensive coverage by public transport networks.

The infographic shows the results in greater detail


During the 3rd chapter of the Interregional mobility forum at EIGSI la Rochelle,which focused on alternative energy sources for public transport, the results were presented. You can view the presentation material here:

Atlantic Area mobility sociotypes from Véronique SEEL (Michaut)


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