National survey on peer-to-peer carsharing

Background of the study

Carsharing among individuals is the oldest-standing way of sharing a vehicle: people share a vehicle which belongs to one of them. With the rise in information technology and communication, car sharing between individuals has gone through a renewal thanks to contact being possible through digital tools. Almost 24 000 shared-vehicles were accounted for in 2013, i.e. less than 0.08% of French cars

The increase margin of vehicle sharing among individuals is therefore very high. In France in 2014, around ten carsharing services among individuals were active, and, since the study was carried out, the landscape of car sharing among individuals has greatly evolved, as illustrated by the acquisition of Buzzcar by the start-up Drivy in April, 2015.

These services continue to develop simultaneously as (1) intermediary platforms between vehicle users and those hiring them, (2) operators who make vehicles directly available to those hiring them, or (3) operators at airports who hire out travelers’ vehicles to other travelers. Nevertheless, hindrances to hiring among individuals remain major, in particular as far as trust in between parties is concerned.

This study, carried out by ADEME aims simultaneously to:

  • gather knowledge on carsharing among individuals : their profile, their mobility behaviours, their use of car sharing among individuals;
  • to gauge the evolution of the volume of cars and user mobility behaviours, to determine whether car sharing produces an environmental gain and, if this is the case, to quantify it;
  • to highlight hindrances and springboards for the development of car-sharing services among individuals.

Full report of the ADEME site (in French)

6t (2015), National survey on car sharing between individuals – Final Report in French, ADEME 102 pages




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Photo source: 6t, 2015

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