[Podcast in French] Will there be more carsharing users than public transit users in 2020?

This month, Sylvanie Godillon (6t/PhD in Geography at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) has been invited to take part in a prospectives exercise for the Mouv’ (French radio program) editorial team.

What is the idea of this? To make projections for five years’ time  and to understand the shared mobility practices of the French in 2020 using a survey carried out by 6t in 2015 on the uses and users of carpooling.

Is the carpooling boom genuinely behind us? What do coming years have in store for us in this area? Some excerpts:

“Today in 2002, we see that there are more people in France who have made use of car pooling in the course of the year than people who have travelled by train”
“Since 2018 we have seen a decline in traffic jams on the roads during summer peak travel times. History in the making !”

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