Portrait of taxi users in France [6t Panel]

Context of the study

Given the lack of information about taxi uses and impacts in France, 6t decided to carry out independent research on this mode of transport based on the survey of a sample of 990 users.

This new research, self-funded by 6t aims to discover:


  • What have been the major developments in the taxi industry since it rst appeared in France?
  • Who are the taxi users ?
  • What types of trips are undertaken by taxi?
  • What are user expectations for taxi services?


  • An initial section summarizes the major evolutions that the taxi industry has undergone since its appearance in France, in order to describe major principles and events behind the sector’s current structure.
  • A second section on the analysis of demand, is based on a specific study drawn up from a sample of 990 French taxi users (6t panel). The goal is to understand the taxi market, as well as how local authorities may integrate this mode of transport within their metropolitan transport services.

Key results

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For more information regarding the full report (in French): info@6t.fr

A project sheet is available

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