Optimise services through a better understanding of the new transport modes and how they are used.

You are

  • A transport operator looking to diversify your services.
  • An industrialist who wants to conquer a new market.
  • A local authority that wants to measure the impact of the new forms of mobility.
  • An urban planner who wants to provide urban solutions with fewer cars.
  • A research laboratory that needs empirical data.

6t can

analyse its user databases on carsharing, carpooling, taxis, electric bikes, EABs, or the mobility practices of suburban inhabitants, senior citizens, etc.

Each of these user databases can be cross-referenced with your query, allowing you to identify the relevant issues in the following areas:

  • socio-demographic profiles
  • modal share
  • existing services
  • expectations and aspirations

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Automate support for behaviour change and evaluation.

You are

  • A transport operator looking for new customers through the optimisation of existing services.
  • A local authority that wants to facilitate behaviour change with regard to mobility in your district, and assess these changes.
  • A company or public authority that wants to encourage alternative mobility practices for its employees and agents and evaluate its actions, as part of a company or authority mobility plans, for example.

6t can

adapt its ACCTIV tool according to your needs in order to facilitate and measure changes in mobility behaviour in terms of modal shift, budget, time travel and energy consumption.

Besides a quantified assessment of your efforts, ACCTIV will provide you with:

  • customised assessments
  • mobility solutions tailored to each profile
  • monitoring over time (3 months, 6 months, 1 year)

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Identify new market segments.

You are

  • A transport operator who wants to measure the effectiveness of your services.
  • An industrialist who wants to measure the impact of a new product.
  • A local authority that wants to assess the impact of its mobility policy.

6t can

determine your user/customer mobility sociotypes. You will be able to understand their behaviour according to how they use and perceive transport services, and not only based on simple age, gender, income or residential location criteria.

Categorising your users/customers will allow you to quantify and qualify:

  • Service performance
  • Possibilities for deployment
  • Dependency on a particular transport mode
  • Acceptability of a measure

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