Real-time information and travel optimisation

In issue (29-1/2), industry journal Netcom published an analysis lead by François Adoue (project manager at 6t and former PhD candidate at Université Paris-Est. LVMT) on determining factors of recourses to real-time information using smartphones.

Applications to support mobility which are available on smartphones all aim to ease transport across the network, by distilling personalised information in real time, which is useful to the traveller. The research process was based on around twenty semi-open interviews conducted with daily users of public transport in the Paris region. Francois Adoue points out two different motivations for resorting to complementary mobility-assistance applications.

  • Searching for information may enable the establishment of a choice of transport;
  • Conversely, it may enable the user to adapt to space and time constrictions related to travel.

Full article (in French) :

François Adoue, « Information en temps réel et optimisation du déplacement», Netcom, 29-1/2 | 2015, 37-54.

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