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Assessing the size of the Totem Mobi fleet vehicle in the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis

Carsharing operator Totem Mobi wishes to scale the optimum size for its vehicle fleet, and to evaluate potentials for expanding beyond the border of its current service zone in Marseille. To answer this demand, 6t designed and applied a three-tiered research protocol, cross-analysing results from three different methods : 

  1. Extrapolating ratios from successful carsharing services ;
  2. Evaluating the coherence between the service offer and the territorial context using composite GIS indicators (population density, quality of public transport services, sociodemographic characteristics of residents, etc.)
  3. Defining extended service zone from the GIS analysing and reevaluating the fleet size to fit this new service zone.

Experts involved in this project

Other references for domain :  Shared mobility and alternative transport modes

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