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Benchmark on the themes of free transport and social pricing

Conducted in collaboration with CEREMA, this work follows an initial state of the art of free transport network policies, carried out in autumn 2019. It aims to update the results obtained, taking into account the recent move to free access to new networks, particularly in Calais, Montpellier and Luxembourg.

In addition, two extensions are proposed. Firstly, we are conducting an analysis of solidarity-based pricing measures in the public transport networks of French metropolitan areas, solidarity-based pricing being understood as pricing that offers reductions based on household income and applies to all members of the household. Secondly, we establish a state of the art of inclusive mobility dealing with both its institutional organisation and the concrete actions carried out by the Metropolises.

Two dimensions are explored in particular: on the one hand, support actions: training for empowerment in mobility, training of social workers in mobility issues, learning to drive (car, motorbike, bicycle) and on the other hand, – actions enabling access to a mobility offer: micro-collective transport, transport on demand, vehicle repair workshops (car, motorbike, bicycle), solidarity car-sharing, solidarity rentals, etc.

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Other references for domain :  Public policies

Citizen consultation training for the Rouen Metropolis ‘Living Lab’
Spatial and temporal accessibility of Geneva’s car parks
Declared preference surveys on the concept of service-based mobility (MaaS) in Île-de-France

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