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Study of impact of the sanitary crisis in 2020 on mobility practices and telework

Since many years, telework is pointed as a practice allowing to reduce displacement of workers and considerably lower the nuisance of commuting. It is the object of public policies since 1970s however there is a paradox between the strong societal expectations about telework and the weakness of its practice. The containment total or partial due to the sanitary crisis in 2020 question or lifestyles in a context of general augmentation of mobility, presented as a necessity to individual insertion in the society. So we have an occasion to explore new organization of daily life and work.

Collect and analysis of data on this subject has laid on a methodology developed by 6t bureau de recherche. It consists in a quantitative survey with elaboration and diffusion of an online self-administrated questionnaire on a representative sample of the population. Then we lead a quantitative analysis of the daily mobility of workers and teleworkers (rebuilding of the displacements and distances of several profiles of workers and teleworkers, transports modes used, activity sequences…).

This study analyzes the relationship between telework and mobility. The characteristics of workers and teleworkers are detailed before defining the impact of containements on the practice of telework. The results show that a reduction of mobility can be expected with a generalization of telework. This reduction is quantified at the scale of the territory and allows to deduce a reduction of GHG emissions.

Other references for domain :  Lifestyles

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Other references for domain :  Mobility Behaviour

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