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Study of the potential renewal of telework in terms of reduced mobility – Analytical Zoom Vaud

This study aims to draw up an analytical focus on the results of the Canton de Vaud taken from 6t’s research on the potential of teleworking at the Romandie level. This study aims to answer three questions:

  • In general what differences in terms of mobility can be attributed to a telework day compared to a usual working day?
  • To what extent can this recent experiment of large-scale teleworking change the number of working people practicing it in the future?
  • In view of these elements, what would be the medium-term impact of the adoption of teleworking by a large segment of the working population in terms of mobility?

This Canton de Vaud focus pursues two main objectives:

  • Understand the dynamics of teleworking and the renewed potential of this practice in terms of mobility, specifically in the Canton de Vaud;
  • Compare the results of the Canton de Vaud with the other territories covered in Switzerland and abroad.

Experts involved in this project

Other references for domain :  Lifestyles

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Other references for domain :  Mobility Behaviour

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