Shared mobility and alternative transport modes


Study on uses and users of dockless carsharing in Paris

The Paris City Council is considering the relevance of supporting the installation of dockless carsharing services on its territory and if need be the ways to do so. To this end 6t-bureau de recherche has carried out on one hand an analysis of the carsharing services business model in the world and on the other hand a survey of users of these services in Paris.

The aim of the first step is to improve knowledge of the dockless carsharing services business model in order to assess the relevance of the arguments put forward by the operator and the fee appropriateness currently applied (300 euros per car per year), as well as the size of the relevant fleet to be accomodated. To do this, 6t-bureau de recherche realized a literature review on business model of way station based carsharing fleets and an international benchmark of 5 cities hosting this kind of services.

The second step is based on a questionnaire aimed at finding out the users profile of these services, understanding their mobility behavior, what they get out of using these services as well as the impact on their car equipment. It also aims at identifying modal shift and the obstacles to using these modes of transport.

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