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Generalization of the 30 km/h speed limit in Paris: Summary of the opinions and comments submitted during the public consultation

The City of Paris is considering generalizing the 30 km/h limit on traffic on its territory, a measure already in place in some streets. In this context, it has launched a public consultation on the advisability of implementing this measure. This consultation is conducted electronically and by mail and runs from Tuesday, October 27, 2020 to November 26, 2020.

This mission consists in analyzing the responses to the consultation of the city of Paris. To do this, given the large number of responses (over 5000), 6t has automated the sorting of opinions using the text analysis module of the Sphinx software. This involves a phase of coding the analysis grid in the software and cleaning up the submitted notices (removal of notices issued in duplicate or divided into two separate notices, correction of spelling mistakes, etc.). On this basis, it is possible to quantitatively analyze the themes addressed by the participants, their frequency in the speeches and the number of notices in favor of or against the measure.

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