Shared mobility and alternative transport modes


Quantitative survey of instant couriers in the east of Paris

Application of instant delivery are spreading and with it the comeback of couriers or independent messengers. In terms of mobility practices, this mode of working rises several questions. Usually, displacements of precarious populations are strongly constraints (important distances and travel times, staggered hours…). The obligation to use a bicycle add a constraint in the professional displacements of the couriers but also to their travel to work. How couriers commute?  What are the specific difficulties of their access to mobility? What are their risks and strategies of displacement?

IFSTTAR is leading research projects regarding these concerns and mandated 6t to support them in the construction and diffusion of a quantitative survey of east Paris couriers.

Experts involved in this project

Other references for domain :  Mobility Behaviour

Understanding the home-study mobility of school children
Local Mobility Plan of the City of Paris – Diagnosis of the PLM
Survey on the needs, practices, representations and aspirations of mobility in the city of Lausanne

Other references for domain :  Shared mobility and alternative transport modes

Assistance Smart Mobility
Study on users of taxis and ridesourcing apps in Paris
Strategic mobility studies in the Lyon metropolitan area

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