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Towards an integrated carpooling strategy in the Lake Geneva metropolitan region

The objective of this project is to define a holistic strategy to stimulate the adoption of carpooling for commuting to work in the Lake Geneva metropolitan region (Greater Geneva, Ain, Haute Savoie, Vaud, Valais). The role of carpooling within a broader multimodal mobility strategy is examined critically.  The various forms of carpooling are presented, along with their respective obstacles and levers. The various platforms, campaigns, infrastructures and initiatives pertaining to carpooling are reviewed. The available park’n’ride or carpool lots are surveyed and mapped. The various data sources describing the practice of carpooling in the region today are analyzed. This project proposes a comprehensive strategy by defining global objectives, and disaggregating them by corridor. It will then establish a roadmap determining the necessary investments to achieve these objectives.

Experts involved in this project

Other references for domain :  Public policies

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Spatial and temporal accessibility of Geneva’s car parks
Declared preference surveys on the concept of service-based mobility (MaaS) in Île-de-France

Other references for domain :  Shared mobility and alternative transport modes

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