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Legibility of fares and associated conditions for travellers on interurban journeys

Over the last few years, the interurban public transport sector has undergone a variety of evolutiuons: democratisation of air transport and multiplication of short and medium-haul flights, liberalisation of bus transport and of national rail transport for passengers, to which the SNCF reacted by retsurtcuring its offer.

Even if these changes enabled a widening of possibilities for users, it has also been accompanied by a certain complexification. These organisational ans semantic hupeavals can be a source of confusion for passengers. Moreover, with the development of information and communication technologies (ICTs), information seeking, booking and access to after sales service are now increasingly carried out digitally, which can also cause difficulties for some users. This study, conducted on behalf of the Autorité de la Qualité de Service dans les Transports (body of the French Ministery of the Environment), aims at understanding the legibility of interurban transport fares and their conditions for travellers.

This study covers a variety of modes (train, bus, plane) and will help to identify how passengers seek information and book their long-distance journeys, how they feel about the process and what difficulties they may encounter. To that end, 6t uses a qualitative survey, with a series of 20 long, semi-structured interviews with interurban public transport users (including a variety of profiles).

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