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Market study development of a new fcev based mobility service in europe

Air Liquide wishes to go further and understand the market to develop a new FCEV-based mobility service in Europe. Within this specific framework, we propose to carry out a targeted study that will explore 3 main topics :

  1. Understanding the captive fleet market on both mobility supply and demand within cities;
  2. Mapping the potential of different European cities for the development of a H2 FCEV-based mobility service;
  3. A vision for the future: recommendations to initiate a FCEV-based mobility service

Experts involved in this project

Other references for domain :  Mobility Behaviour

Original survey on the mobility of working population in Île de France during the strike of december 2019
Efficiency of automated behaviour change programs in perspective with humanised programs
Place of the car in the MaaS systems : political and societal trends

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