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Market study development of a new fcev based mobility service in europe

Air Liquide wishes to go further and understand the market to develop a new FCEV-based mobility service in Europe. Within this specific framework, we propose to carry out a targeted study that will explore 3 main topics :

  1. Understanding the captive fleet market on both mobility supply and demand within cities;
  2. Mapping the potential of different European cities for the development of a H2 FCEV-based mobility service;
  3. A vision for the future: recommendations to initiate a FCEV-based mobility service

Experts involved in this project

Other references for domain :  Mobility Behaviour

Declared preference surveys on the concept of service-based mobility (MaaS) in Île-de-France
Development of ecologic transition scénarios in the aerian sector
Generalization of the 30 km/h speed limit in Paris: Summary of the opinions and comments submitted during the public consultation

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