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Development of the objectives of the Local transport plan in the European Metropolis of Lille. Phase 1 : Planning

As part of the development of its Urban Travel Plan (PDU), the European Metropolitan Area of Lille (MEL) called on 6t to understand the possible future changes in the mobility of its inhabitants, in order to anticipate and adapt its public policies. The study aims to understand what factors are likely to influence the mobility of individuals in the medium or long term and to identify in what way they will do so.

The study includes a review of the scientific literature on major trends in mobility and an analysis of data sets and grey literature (SCOT, PLU) pertaining to the urban context in the European Metropolitan Area of Lille. More specifically, nine major phenomena whose evolutions could influence mobility behaviour in the future have been studied in this sense: demographic factors; household structure and modes of cohabitation; work conditions; cost of mobility; distribution of residences and activities; evolution of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies); public transport financing; environmental concerns; and inter-agency occasional mobility (tourism and professional visitors).

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Other references for domain :  Urban planning

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