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Réalisation d’une enquête modes de vie « Être périurbain en Gironde »

The Bordeaux urban planning agency (A’Urba) wants to get new insigths at the peri-urban environment, which, despite the many critics it faces,  remains chosen by a large number of French people as their place of residence. It is therefore crucial to better understand its qualities, its diversity, the quality of life it offers to its residents and the changes it is undergoing. This is the main goal of the research approach entitled “Être périurbain en Gironde. 6t will analyse the Gironde’s peri-urban territory using cartographic, quantitative and qualitative methods to highlight the great diversity of these spaces and the lifestyles that are deployed there. This work will lead to recommendations for better peri-urban planning.

Other references for domain :  Lifestyles

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