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Study on the need for charging stations in the Paris inner suburbs

SIPPEREC is a public syndicate in charge of managing electric grids on behalf of municipalities in the Parisian Region. With the development of electric mobility and the related infrastructure needs among its members, SIPPEREC wishes to anticipate the future load on its network due to the installation of charging stations. In addition, as the privileged interlocutor of the municipalities for the deployment of the stations, the Syndicate wishes to be able to provide its members with information not only on the technical aspects related to their installation, but also on their use, in order to have a strategic vision of this new infrastructure network.

SIPPEREC has already done technical studies, focusing mainly on the infrastructure. 6t provides a service composed of two phases. In the first phase, a critical review of the results of existing studies is carried out in the light of 6t’s expertise in mobility practices. In the second, we help to develop a strategic reflection on the deployment of recharge infrastructure networks, in a public service design approach.

Experts involved in this project

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