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Study on the speedelec market and uses

This study covers the market and uses of electric power-assisted bicycles up to 45 km/h (also known as speedbikes) in Europe. It is divided in three parts aimed ultimately at providing public policy recommendations:

  • First, a state of the art which sheds light on the state of knowledge regarding the uses, market, regulations and potential impacts of speedelec in terms of safety, health and environment in Europe. 
  • The second part is a qualitative study which analyses in detail the motivations for purchasing speedbikes and their uses, in order to better understand their potential impact on mobility practices. A group of French respondents were compared to Belgian and Swiss respondents.
  • Finally, the third part aims to quantify the development potential of speedbikes and to identify areas where they may develop, based on quantitative data. This is done by first analysing the time-costs trade-offs between cars and speedelec and then applying this theoretical framework to French commuting trip data.

Experts involved in this project

Other references for domain :  Mobility Behaviour

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Other references for domain :  Shared mobility and alternative transport modes

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