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Survey of Cityscoot users in Paris – 2019 edition

Two years after the first evaluation on the uses and impacts of the Cityscoot service, which took place in 2017, 6t continues the analysis of the behaviour of Cityscoot users through a new web survey published in Paris. This study provides a photographic analysis of the survey that updates and adds to the knowledge of the customer base, as well as a longitudinal analysis of the behaviour of users who had already completed the survey in 2017. Finally, the study includes a “marketing” oriented analysis to support Cityscoot in its development strategy.

This survey was distributed by Cityscoot to its users and took place in April 2019. Answers given by 6200 respondents were used for the photographic analysis and the analysis of the specific module oriented “marketing”. The longitudinal analysis includes the 914 users who participated in the survey in 2017. The design and distribution of the survey was based on a web questionnaire implemented by 6t using the Sphinx iQ2 software. 

Experts involved in this project

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