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Users and uses of the Virtuo service

Virtuo’s car rental service differs from traditional car rental companies in that it offers to digitize the entire customer journey (booking, inventory, vehicle pickup, customer service). Once the registration has been validated and the car located using the service’s dedicated application, a dematerialized key allows the user to unlock the vehicle. Virtuo’s goal is to offer a reduced waiting time down to zero by avoiding the need to go to the counter and by offering more flexibility. This positioning is quite unique and potentially places this mobility offer between car-sharing, whose use is rather occasional, and traditional rental, whose use is rather exceptional.

In this context, Virtuo entrusted 6t with the launch of a study on its service on French territory in order to answer several needs and questions:

  • Better identify the profiles of users of the offer through the collection of information not available through customer databases;
  • Analyze the uses of Virtuo customers and understand their motivations and expectations in order to highlight, among other things, how this offer seems innovative to them and differs from traditional rental services ;
  • Measure Virtuo’s impact on users’ mobility behaviours in general, in particular on household demotorization.

The study has two phases:

  • A qualitative approach with a limited but varied number of users in order to fully understand their uses and formulate the relevant questions in the quantitative survey
  • A quantitative (online) approach with a large sample of users to answer research questions

Experts involved in this project

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