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Uses and users of dockless shared e-scooters in France

This research is part of the 6t multi-year research programme called CO3MD (Building a Tool for Measuring and Managing Sustainable Mobility).

The objective of this study was to better understand the uses of the dockless shared e-scooter services and their impacts on urban mobility. It is based on a multifaceted methodological approach, including an inventory of the various dockless shared e-scooter services, based on reports, articles and online data; a series of exploratory interviews to better define the subject of the study and to calibrate the quantitative questionnaire; a quantitative survey, at the heart of this study, which took the form of an online questionnaire and collected a total of 4,382 responses from users of Lime scooters in Paris, Lyon and Marseille; a series of 21 semi-directive interviews with users, making it possible to clarify certain hypotheses.

This survey made it possible to identify the profile of users and to characterise their mobility behavior, to understand the determinants and obstacles to their use of the services, and also to understand their impacts on modal practices. It thus provides elements to assess the relevance of the development of this type of vehicle from the point of view of public decision-makers.

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Other references for domain :  Shared mobility and alternative transport modes

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