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Walkability and commercial vitality of Elbeuf city centre

The city centre is the heart of a conurbation and concentrates various functions and activities. Animation is an essential part of it. This often goes hand in hand with commercial activity, generating traffic and often attracting shoppers beyond the city limits, thus contributing to the attractiveness of the city centre. The Elbeuf town centre is structured by the east-west axis formed by the Rue des Martyrs and the Rue de la République. It is the second largest shopping centre in the Rouen-Normandy metropolitan area in terms of the number of shops and is concerned with maintaining its commercial offer and its attractiveness. 

6t-bureau de recherche has carried out a diagnostic work on the frequentation of the town centre of Elbeuf in connection with its commercial activity. This work is based on a qualitative study using the method of mental maps, as well as on a questionnaire carried out in situ with 1200 visitors to the town centre. The emphasis placed on the mobility aspect gave rise to an analysis of accessibility and traffic, both pedestrian and automobile flows. This work also provides an analysis of the use of public spaces in Elbeuf.

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