Social innovation, the cornerstone of tomorrow’s mobility

In its last issue of 2013, the journal “Développement durable & territoires” published a report on “Conditions for the production of sustainable transport: new public interventions, new standards”.

6t sought to put forward a new line of questioning on this subject by approaching the question of the potential and the positioning of social innovation in different public policies, in particular as concerns mobility.

An excerpt from the article “Social innovation, the cornerstone of tomorrow’s mobility”

Social innovation foments solidarity and strategies for support, advice and mutual exchanges of information between communities on practices, representing a number of pathways accessible to public power in order to confront the issues of mobility.

However, while social innovation has revealed itself as being the source of multiple opportunities, it is important to update the sets of actors which belie it, to assess the genuine impact of these new offerings for the “mobility comfort” of users, to point out the deviations of such mechanisms which escape, in full or in part, the control of public power and its democratic legitimacy, and to guide conventional mobility actors towards acknowledgement, appreciation, encouragement and/or support of these dynamics.

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