Some (brief) thoughts about slowness

The role of slowness in urban practices, urban paces, temporalities and technologies, spatial and social dimensions of slowness, inflicted or selected slowness… These are all topics which this eighth issue of Carnets de Géographes sets out to explore through articles and photographs.

This issue was overseen by Sylvania and Godillon Gaële Lesteven, study and research directors at 6t, as well as Sandra Mallet, a lecturer at the University of Reims.

Below, we are sharing an extract of the issue’s editorial and table of contents (content in French). You may browse articles by clicking on the following link:

“For the last thirty years, globalisation and the digital revolution have weighed down on the pace of contemporary lives. The emergence of slow movements at the end of the 1980s and the litterature on this topic, which expanded from the 1990s, came into existence as a reaction to this acceleration.

Time recomposes itself under the influence of the acceleration of paces and the slowing of speeds. One of this issue’s main contributions is to identify the ways in which various speeds are articulated between one another. The geographer’s gaze has, in particular, enabled an analysis of the way in which these differentiated relations to time are embedded in space, and, vice versa, an understanding of how space contributes to the redefinition of a relationship to time.

Taking one’s time is also a subject for reflection which has entered into the world of research, and is of interest to geographers, for whom the time aspect of areas takes on a special meaning. Questioning the articulation between time and space in geography ultimately makes it necessary to question the will to undertake a reflective and critical research task.

It is hoped that the reader will take the same amount of time- and pleasure- in looking over this issue as the authors took to write these texts. »


Summary of the issue (IN FRENCH):


Sylvania Godillon, Gaële Lesteven and Sandra Mallet

Reflections on slowness

Christine Chivallon, Béatrice Collignon

Joint interview on slowness in science and the geographer’s current practice


Sophie Buhnik

Slow, but fast: slow life discourse at the heart of Osaka, hailing slowness as supporting a strategy of metropolitan attractiveness?

Mireille Diestchy

Tension and compromise in spatial values of the ​​slow

Philippe Gervais-Lambony

The little prince or how to establish place? An imaginary interview with Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Jean Grosbellet

Controlling daily paces: a new claim, or the right to the city? Analysing slowing times and spaces, anchoring and synchronising points of metropolitan life scales and paces.

Pamela Quiroga

Slowness and immobility: is there potential for the poor elderly in Recife (Brazil)?



Jean-Baptiste Bing

Heuristics of slowness: in favour of geography as a lived mesology

Anne Jégou

Back to the Lagoon – the Albufera in Valencia : what place for land in a scientific trajectory and a slow research process?



Photo Contest

Exploring slowness through photography



Pierre-Louis Ballot and Roman Rollin

“Man in a hurry: socio-spatial impacts and paradoxes”: a summary of the 12th Doc’Geo association seminar, 9 and 10 October 2014, Université Bordeaux Montaigne

Xavier Desjardins

The slow city: utopia, daring or regression? Free deliberations on the writing of Marc Wiel

Thierry Paquot



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Photo credit : Pascal CLERC, winning photo in the competition organised for issue number 8 of Carnets de Géographes.

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