The “metro, work, sleep” daily grind: what’s changing in our daily habits? Follow the 6t team’s discussions

Last March, the Cerema hosted the 13th “Spatial Mobility, Social Fluidity” symposium in Lille. This year, its purpose was to question space-time issues for daily routine travel.Three members of the 6t team took part:

Gaële Lesteven: “Does automotive traffic affect the routine of motorised households? An Ile-de-France Illustration

The point of this first presentation was to analyse the daily anchoring  of households in relation to a strong external restriction: automotive traffic, which, by reducing speeds, modifies the timeframes of daily travel. The research is based on Gaële Lesteven’s thesis “Strategies of adaptation to traffic congestion in major cities: an analysis based on the cases of Paris, Sao Paulo and Mumbai. “

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François Adoue, “Ownership of travel timeframes through information and communications technology (ICT): towards new routines for public transport users

This input was focused on the impact of ICT development and broadcasting (in particular, the use of smartphones) on possibilities for ownership of public transport travel times. This research is based on around fifteen semi-open interviews conducted with public transport users in the Paris urban area within an ongoing doctoral thesis.

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Anaïs Rocci, “How to break the habit? Individualised marketing, a means of public policy leverage to change the behaviours of solo drivers”

The results presented explore the potential for voluntary behaviour change programmes, following the example of individualised marketing programmes, aimed at supporting volunteer persons step-by-step  towards a change in mobility practices, and, in particular,  towards a decrease in individual usage of cars over alternative means of transport. This research is based on 6t investigation into behavior change programs, and in particular on one such recent experiment conducted for the Picardie region in 2012-2013.


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