VOI has entrusted 6t with a year-long research program on micromobility

We are delighted to announce that VOI has entrusted 6t with a year-long, European-wide research program on micromobility. This research program will be guided by a key theme: inclusiveness. VOI would like 6t to explore the different ways micromobility could contribute to tackling transport poverty and improving mobility justice. This research program will feed into CO3MD, 6t’s pluri-annual research program approved by the French Ministry of Research. It will unfold until May of 2022; we will not work with any other micromobility operator over that time period.

6t takes pride in being an independent research company, and it is the first time we enter such an exclusivity agreement. This choice has been motivated by the following reason: since dockless micromobility services were first launched in 2018, 6t has been researching the user profiles and use patterns of these services. Our research has revealed a lack of inclusiveness and shed light on the profile of underserved users: women, older age groups, lower-income citizens, but also those living outside of dense city centres. This prompted an important question: how could micromobility reach beyond that niche user profile, given well-known business model constraints?

Working with VOI gives us a unique opportunity to explore this question. VOI already offers social fares to its users in the United Kingdom, and has crossed the boundaries of large metropolises to serve the residents of smaller cities, including those living in low-income neighbourhoods that are poorly served by alternative modes. This research program allows us to accompany VOI in this project to bring the opportunities of micromobility to new publics.

Through this year-long exclusive research agreement, we will retain our intellectual and scientific independence. VOI is committed to publishing the results of these studies and to launching a dialogue around micromobility inclusiveness with industry actors and local authorities across Europe. The methods used in these studies will be entirely transparent and defined by 6t to ensure the exclusion of all bias. By relying on an independent partner, VOI affirms its commitment to producing unbiased knowledge on micromobility and to improving its service all throughout Europe.

Crédits : Voi

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