A Profile of Public Transportation Passenger in France? [6t Panel]

Background of the study

Based upon a survey drawing on a sample of 2000 persons representative of the French population, 6t research focused upon the mobility aspirations and practices of French users. This work process amounted, in particular, to the construction of mobility socio-types which allow for an understanding of the choices which govern the use of various modes of transport.

An increase in multimodality

Between 2010 and 2015, the French have excluded a particular means of transport less and less. This multi-modality trend is strongly visible across the Parisian urban area. In 2015, just 26% of inhabitants of the Parisian urban area excluded one mode of transport (8% excluded the use of a car and 19% excluded the use of public transport) while 27% of inhabitants of urban areas larger than 100 000 inhabitants excluded one mode of transport (22% excluded the use of the car and 6% excluded public transport).

Behaviours are not particularly sensitive to environmental issues

On the eve of the COP21 in Paris, this study shows that the French are not particularly sensitive towards the environmental or ecological considerations surrounding modes of transport. The adjectives “pollutant” and “ecological” are used very infrequently in a spontaneous way to describe travel by car, public transport or bicycle. “Civic ecologists” only make up 4% of the sample.

Pragmatic modal choices

In urban areas of more than 100 000 inhabitants in the Paris urban area,  the proportion of “comparators” is significant. In other words whenever the alternative allows it, inhabitants use the most efficient mode of transport for the type of trip to be made. They therefore relate less viscerally regarding modes of transport than pragmatically.

A successful outcome for restriction policies on the use of cars in towns

In parallel, the proportion of “motorists obliged to use public transport” is heavy, especially in the Parisian urban area, where it amounts to 24% of inhabitants. These inhabitants would prefer to travel by car but are forced to use public transport as a result of congestion, or of parking difficulties. These trends show, therefore, the success of restriction policies on the use of cars in urban areas with over 100 000 inhabitants and within the Parisian urban area.


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