Why 6t

6t aims to serve as an interface between academic research and the businesses in order to understand and analyse lifestyles and urban mobility practices. Consider us as the “one-stop-shop” for all matters related to transportation and mobility.


Bureau d'étude

6t is a research consultancy specialising in urban planning, transportation< and mobility analysis. . Since 2002, we relied on three main principles:

  • Provide a high level of expertise that meets the needs of society, have an impact and create value
  • Produce scientific and technical knowledge to help decision-making
  • Offer operational solutions in response to various local issues

At 6t, we gather the expertise of multidisciplinary individuals who are sociologists, geographers, political scientists, engineers, economists and town planners, who regularly provide assistance to public institutions and town planners, as well as private operators and manufacturers.

With a comprehensive knowledge of the stakes involved and mobility trends, as well as creativity, flexibility and soft skills, 6t consultants are committed to developing your projects. 6t's added value lies in how its resources can help to understand complex mobility issues.


6t’s investment in research has been a hallmark of the company since it was founded and is reflected in:

  • Through the collaboration with public research institutes, university laboratories and higher education establishments and/or R&D departments of large companies.
  • Its PhD consultants
  • Funding thesis
  • Through scientific publications and papers

6t was also a spin-off of the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, which gave us privileged access to advanced techniques and latest technologies being developed there in the field of mobility analysis.

Because mobility is a complex subject, 6t devised a comprehensive research programme that aims to ” Design a Measurement and Management Tool for Sustainable Mobility” (CO3MD).

CO3MD Program

We accompany them

Caisse des Depots
Ville de Paris

6t helped the EPA (public development authority) for Sénart to establish an open and collaborative working approach while ensuring a rigorous working methodology and an insight into the experiences of other areas. 6t has also always sought to find the right balance between the technical aspects of transport and the social dynamics associated with travel.