“Will you take the train?” Experiment on a behaviour changing incentive program

Experimenting on an individualised marketing scheme

The Picardie Region, at the end of 2012, launched a mobility study with the goal of understanding barriers to the use of the train, as well as conditions which would facilitate a modal transfer from the car towards this mode of transport. For the authority organising regional-level transportation, the goal was to optimise the use of its TER network.

Objective of the study

1 / To understand the obstacles to the use of the train and the expectations of potential users

2 / To identify conditions which facilitate modal transfer: how should potential new users be incentivised to travel by train? How can TER’s attractivity be enhanced?

3 / Encouraging 150 volunteers to try out train travel for free during one month.

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Summary of the XPMI study (in French)

Complementary study: “Changing mobility behaviours”  (Anaïs Rocci) in French

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