Working conditions for Paris taxi drivers

Evaluating the taxi offer in Paris and its metropolitan area

Today there is little reliable and objective data from which to draw nuanced findings on the situation of taxi drivers in France and Paris. 6t, which had already worked on the subject of taxis and ridehailing services (Uber), from the users’ point of view, also wanted to understand the mechanisms governing the supply of taxis. This approach involves the creation of unpublished data which is open to all to allow for constructive debate on an objective basis.

Therefore, starting with a survey of 1,000 taxi drivers in Paris, this study has two objectives: to provide an objective view

  • of drivers’ working conditions and
  • to understand the role they play in accessibility in the Île-de-France (Paris Region)



The survey was carried out in May and June 2016, directly with Paris taxi drivers waiting for customers in various Paris taxi stations. It received 1,013 responses, which allows for a 3% margin of error, with a 95% confidence level. Several indicators are analyzed:

  • Identity and professional status : age, quali cations, legal status (self-employed, whether or not a license holder, lease-holder, employee, cooperative member), years experience in the profession.
  • Working conditions: working hours (number of hours, days worked, starting time, nishing time, holidays) and evaluation by drivers (good or poor conditions, reasons they are poor, if applicable).
  • Opinions on policy decisions : airport package, compulsory bank card terminals, buy back of licences, introduction of non-transferable licences.
  • Latest fare: time, duration, reason (airport, station, other), origin/destination (centre/periphery) and price.

To estimate the costs taxi drivers have to deal with,6t organized a specific survey with 175 Paris taxi drivers interviewed at taxi ranks in June 2016.

Finally, the price of taxi licenses in Paris has been studied at the taxi bureau of the Paris Police Headquarters. They were compiled into a database of all license transactions from 1995 to 2016; more than 11,000 transactions.


Key insights of the study

  • Paris taxi driver profile

Capture d’écran 2017-04-05 à 11.40.25

  • Taxi drivers work long hours for low incomes;

Capture d’écran 2017-04-05 à 11.42.06

  • Licenses weigh on the budget of the majority of drivers and are a volatile asset that weakens their economic situation;
  • Taxi drivers do not care enough about residents’ mobility, when compared with other major cities or with trips made by ridehailing apps users.

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